8.13 EuroTrip 2016

Three weeks ago my boyfriend and I decided to take a spontaneous trip to Europe (Ireland and Amsterdam) before he started law school. We currently live in Burlington, VT and had been saving for months to move to New Orleans, where he would be starting school and had no plans to go on a big trip…

However, with both of us close to the end of our twenties, not having any huge responsibilities (caregiving for child, pet or other), and having nagging wanderlust, we decided we had to go for it.

We had an amazing time in Ireland! Fish and chips, pubs, exploring, waiting in a huge line for the Book of Kells (maybe skip that actually). Either way, good craic!

Fried Dreams
Fish and Chips
Jamison + Guinness
The Emerald Isle

Dublin was great, however the highlight of our time in Ireland was staying with an old friend of mine who I studied abroad with seven years ago… the bond remained and we had a blast!

We stayed at her family’s home (which happened to be a bed and breakfast – score!) and were treated to traditional Irish meals with amazing company. Her siblings were home as well, so we got to meet her whole family and they really educated us on Irish History and cultural heritage.

It was the 100th Anniversary of the Easter Rising, when Ireland had a violent revolt in the streets of Dublin protesting the English rule. The aftermath eventually led to the Irish Independence. It was fascinating to hear about such a dramatic history that was fairly recent. My friend’s mom remembers the violence in Northern Ireland with the IRA. She also remembers how, just decades ago, the English treated the Irish like second class citizens.

It was a great trip, and we definitely experienced the local pub scene, complete with fish and chips, songs, dancing and lots of Guinness.

I even got conned into taking a swim in the ocean before we headed out. I hate going in cold water more than most sensations but it was a once in a lifetime thing! And yes, it was extremely cold, but actually was better than just being cold, because your body becomes completely numb in moments like that, and all that remained was a sense of elation.

7 am! Wexford, Ireland
Marie Therese claims the cold water has many health benefits…
Gorgeous – Irish Coast, Wexford, Ireland
Marty and Marie Therese headed to the Ocean…I follow hesitantly

Thanks for the amazing memories Marie Therese:)

We then flew to Amsterdam and met up with one of my very closest friends Emily, and her boyfriend Devin. They currently live in Stockholm, Sweden, so it was great to see them in their Euro environment.


Sweet outdoor beer garden we found
beer and conversation

We stayed on a boat on a canal and had a great time.


Also this happened….

Katie + Marty from Katie Figura on Vimeo.

(we got engaged!)

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