8.22 Quick Visit to NOLA aka my future home

August has been so busy, and its only served to invigorate me! After getting engaged in Amsterdam, Marty and I had to temporarily part ways.  I am wrapping things up in Vermont with both photography and my day job, and Marty is throwing himself into law school at Tulane. It’s kind of a divide and conquer strategy. I will be joining him in NOLA in mid-October.

I did spend a weekend in New Orleans helping Marty get our new apartment in order. Its another world down there. Not as clean and tidy as Vermont, but so much character and beauty. There is a beautiful energy there among the disorder! I love it.  I’m pumped to make the move.

View from living room
Hanging out in Nola
Beautiful cemetery right near our house
New apartment…not much furniture
Our street – Nola Rain!

We decided not to get a moving truck because…let’s be honest, the majority of our furniture is from my parents basement.  So, alternatively, I have been basically running a side business on craigslist getting rid of our stuff.

I met so many nice people through craigslist! I even tried to set up a friend with the nice man who bought our couch aka couchman. Unfortunately, my well-intentioned text sketched him out and he totally dissed me! I felt so rejected…


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