10.5 New Farms for New Americans

New Americans Farming

With my time in Burlington wrapping up, I feel like I am discovering more and more! Ah so it goes.  There is an amazing project at the Ethan Allen Homestead called New Farms for New Americans.

Basically immigrant and refugee families get small plots of land on a 6 acre farm, which they can use to grow food. Lots of the plants they cultivate are native to their own country, and cannot be bought in the US, so it is a way that they can continue to cook traditional food and is also community building and ecological.

The community gardening and agricultural education program serves over 100 refugee and immigrant households. All of the crops are produced without pesticides, and with a concern for sustainable and culturally appropriate practices.

I stopped in after work and snapped some photos. It is a gorgeous place, and was very peaceful. It was really cool to see family members of different generations working together.  It is seemed so natural.  I suppose it is something that is very common in other parts of the world, and was common all over until modern times, but it seemed so special to me. I was so happy afterwards. When I photograph people and they allow me see a glimpse of their reality, it really makes me feel connected and alive. Its the best. These people are beautiful.


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