8.30 Northeast Kingdom Fairytale


I was very excited about this wedding. Here is the background: I met Jasmina, Nate and Eins (their corgi) the previous winter.  They met over ~Tinder~. Jasmina is German and was studying and working in Montreal. Nate is from Vermont solid stock and is very kind, happy and a jack-of-all trades. He owned Eins before meeting Jasmina. Coincidence that he randomaly named his dog the German word for one?

Either way, they fell in love and after tons of immigration paper work, decided to get married at a family friend’s camp on Caspian Lake, outside of Greensboro VT.

This part of the state is referred to as the “Northeast Kingdom,” or by Vermonters simply “The Kingdom.”  This is not only really fun to say, and feels like you are in Game of Thrones, but it is actually a very beautiful area.  There are many lakes, dirt roads, and treasures to discover, including Bread and Puppet Theatre (a politically radical puppet theater, active since the 1960s – remember the puppets from Across the Universe?), Hill Farmstead Brewery, and tons of outdoor recreation.  It is a unique part of the country.

As the wedding neared, Jasmina informed me that they were embracing the Kingdom spirit and were going to have a fairytale-themed wedding! This wedding was also special because it was truly two different cultures coming together to celebrate. They incorporated many German traditions into the day, and every part of the wedding was in both English and German.

It was awesome to see the love between Jasmina and her father and sister, who she hadn’t seen in over a year, and who had never been to the US. I felt the wedding also carried a lot of weight because its a big deal when someone commits to living in a different country for the person they love. It is a sacrifice, and that is real and powerful.

The following are some photos of the day. I feel so grateful to have been a part of their day and I have no doubt they will live happily ever after!

The morning was so still. There are incredible colors in late August that only appear during that time of year.

Incredible Sunrise

Even before the leaves change, there is a sense of warm contentment in the golden hues.

The day was so relaxed and all of the details Nate and Jasmina put together complimented the natural beauty of the setting.

Jasmina and her dad
They read their fairytale in English and German as part of their ceremony
Nate and his mom


First Dance


Happy Corgi Family

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