10.14 Baby Sjoblom’s Shower

shower_presentsThis weekend I attended my friend Jolie’s baby shower. Our other friend, Emily, hosted it at her family’s home in the middle of no where Vermont.  We are all so happy for Matt and Jolie, and the shower was really fun.

I remember when I first found out they were pregnant, I was in utter disbelief. How could it be? Our dear soccer/drinking buddies…  Then, after going over it in my head for five minutes, I realized it was very natural, logical and actually expected…I guess I’m just getting older.

After the main event, all of her girlfriends, and a few of the guys, who were at a brewery during the party, stayed over. Bonfire, food and brews. Jolie is the most relaxed, adorable pregnant woman. She hung out all night!


Emily, the amazing hostess
Official Present Carrier
Baby Shower = Cupcakes, always


Best friends since college
Perfect for a chilly Vermont halloween!
This little guy was sooo cute! AH!

Also here is an incredibly goofy movie I made the parents to be…

Matt And Jolie Make Three from Katie Figura on Vimeo.

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