10.20 Sammy + Kyle’s Engagement Session


I have known Sammy and Kyle for a little over a year. I met them through my fiancé, who used to be a tour guide at the Ben and Jerry’s Factory with Kyle (typical Vermont). As soon as I was introduced to Sammy, I was smitten…its hard making girlfriends as an adult, and she is awesome! After meeting her at a bar, I followed up with a sober text a few days later…we’ve been solid since.  They are both super fun, interesting, and kind people. Kyle also has a beard that should automatically induct him into some sort of Vermont Beard Club, or at least a calendar.

When Sammy and Kyle asked me to photograph their wedding I was stoked. Besides being wonderful individuals, they are a really fun couple.  They originally met each other through summer camp in Vermont. Kyle was a counselor…Sammy was a camper (nothing happened guys!!!) Anyway, they met up almost a decade later, when Kyle was visiting a mutual friend in San Francisco, where Sammy had been living for years. They started seeing each other long distance, and before long Sammy packed up her car, and her enormous dog, Charlie, and she and Kyle drove back to the homeland.

They got engaged in Iceland. Pretty sweet.

Here are a few shots from their engagement session. We went to Shelburne Farms, which is absolutely gorgeous, and wrapped it up with beer and pizza at American Flat Bread. Kyle is also sneaky and perfect, and he surprised Sammy with a custom engagement ring during our shoot. Their friend Kendra Renee designed it, and it’s beautiful. Can’t wait til the wedding!

Good job Kyle


The Ring
Camel’s Hump


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