11.5 Hello NOLA

Front Porch

I arrived in New Orleans 2 weeks ago and am working remotely part-time as I begin to orientate myself in my new home. Marty’s grandparents came to visit a few days after I arrived, so I feel like I haven’t had much time to relax yet, but it’s all been good.

They drove down from Denver. Bob and Martha (who also goes by Marty…which is very confusing…but whatever).  They are phenomenal. Kansas stock, who met in high school. During their career as teachers (Science and Home Etc), they were able to take a year sabbatical, during which they traveled around the world with their children! They love to start stories “That one time we traveled around the world with the girls…”  I love it. They have traveled all over the place in addition to that trip and they still love to explore. I really care about and respect them.

After making the multi-day drive down to New Orleans, they took us to COSTCO! Yes!!!! Not only that…they brought us tons of furniture, and basically an entire kitchen. They had recently sold their condo in the mountains, and brought us much needed apartment supplies via UHAUL trailer.

It was truly a life saver, and was such a huge help getting started down here. His grandma also took measurements of our windows and made us curtains that we just got in the mail. I feel so grateful.

I only have one grandparent left, my grandma.  She is 90 and is definitely not in shape to make cross country trips. Marty’s mom is 10 years younger than mine, and likewise his grandparents are younger. Its amazing the difference those years make. I really enjoyed our time with them and it was a huge help. The joke all week was that our place looked a little “stark,” which is Martha’s maiden name, so she decided we needed her help.

Feeling thankful for family.

Marty – Bob -Marty

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