12.5 Running for the Wine

img_3861editedTo exercise, or to drink wine/party with friends? Why not both, they asked.

I am a big advocate in blending workouts into your daily activities, whether its running to pick up groceries, or riding your bike to a concert, it makes it easier to keep active when working out isn’t an isolated activity that automatically displaces another opportunity in your limited amount of time each day.

I had the opportunity to second shoot at The Wicked Wine Run at Pontchartrain Vineyards with Mike Trummel from Eston Photography.  He shoots lots of local sports events, and is really fun to to work with. I highly recommend him!

The Wicked Wine Run is an annual fun run at a vineyard, that concludes with wine tasting, food trucks, and live music. So fun!  Not only is it a beautiful setting, but people automatically have more endorphins after exercise so it even enhances the party mood post race. Any one who has run a 10K, half, or marathon will also see this at the beer tent:) Also for  this race, lots of people dress up, and they have a costume contest.


The afterparty ended with an all out dance-a-thon ladies vs guys. People were having a blast. It was also my first trip across Lake Pontchartrain, outside of New Orleans.  It was a good trip!

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