4.1.17 A Vermont White Wedding

An April wedding in Vermont can be a tricky one. Many people don’t know this, but Vermont actually has five seasons. The fifth is wedged between winter and spring. Its called mud season. It is caused by the intense thawing of the snow and land and creates obscene amounts of mud. People get stuck in roads, and well, it’s just very muddy.

Lindsay and Scott’s wedding was scheduled on April 1st.

This year, mud season started on April 2nd.

The guests began to arrive Friday night as the snow started to fall. By Saturday, everything was covered in white.

The hair, makeup, dress, fur, and decor all fit together perfectly for Lindsay and Scott’s big day.




Lindsay looked absolutely stunning!!!


As did all the bridesmaids! They were a mix of friends from home, undergrad, and law school. It was awesome to meet Lindsay’s lady VIPs.

Lindsay requested a first look with her dad, which I had never shot before. It was a great idea and was lovely and touching.


Meanwhile the guys were skiing all day, but managed to get ready in time.

getting ready with dog

Because Lindsay and Scott are formidably impressive people (outdoorsy, adventurous, free spirited dog owners), they were pumped when I suggested we do their first look at the top of the mountain.  As we individually rode up the lift it started snowing again.

The scene was stunning; somewhere between a majestic mountain winter wonderland and Vermont Game of Thrones.


I think the skiers enjoyed the show

The lodging and reception were all at the resort, which was great. You could walk everywhere. Just watch out for skiers!

One of my favorites

The ceremony was lovely. The lodge, which is also used as a cafeteria for the skiers, was transformed into a truly spiritual place, and the ceremony was beautiful and emotional.

The reception had great atmosphere, and was the perfect mix of rustic Vermont charm, and elegance.  Sugarbush did an incredible job.

Having people skiing right outside the reception was definitely a unique element!
sugar bush tables
Lindsay and Scott’s wedding focused on honoring all of their family and friends, including those who are no longer with them.

The cousins are ready to party!

Lindsay and Scott, in perfect sync, downed a shot-ski for their grand entrance. I was very impressed.

First Dance

Mother-Son Dance

The after dinner dancing was highly participatory. The bride and groom pulled out some sweet moves.

It is always nice to see family and friends come together for a wedding. They make the trip to the mountain, through the snow,  down the backroads, and it is all because they are happy and excited for the people they love. That is truly what weddings are about, and this one was special because that sentiment could genuinely be felt the entire weekend. Scott and Lindsay are amazing, and the kindness and care they have for others is reflected in how many people care about them.  It is also reflected in how much their dogs love them:)

Hair: Sarah Burns

Make Up: Elizabeth England

Music: Top Hat Entertainment

Flowers: A Schoolhouse Garden

Cake: Sweet Simone’s

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