The Bachelorette Weekend

It’s been weighing on my mind that I have not blogged in hmm a year. I have had many amazing experiences in the mean time, including incredible weddings, surviving Mardi Gras, volunteering in Nicaragua and traveling to Cuba, but somehow I could not get myself to log onto WordPress to digitally record and reflect on any of it…until now.

What I want to write about is another all encompassing cultural experience…. Bachelorette Parties!

One of my very best friends in the world is getting married! in June!

Lauren, Emily, Lizzy and Me

I am thrilled for her. She is someone who you cannot say enough good things about. She reminds me of a tree. She is beautiful, strong, stands tall in the wind, someone to lean on. If you know Lauren, you understand she has true character.  Give it a knock – real wood!

She is also very rooted…ok I’m done.

Anyway, she’s a blast and also likes to party, which brings me back to the Bach!

I am not the most traditional person. I see value in tradition, but I am also sometimes cynical. What are the origins of the tradition?  In the US, I think its safe to admit that many of our cultural traditions have been pushed on us to increase unnecessary materialism. I think certain things in the wedding industry are more of a result of pressure to consume than carrying any deep meaning or historical/cultural significance.

If I’m in your bridal party, I am probably not the one creating a Pinterest board. (Disclaimer: I see the value in Pinterest, but I am not naturally drawn to Pinterest.)

However, this past weekend I was involved in what would currently be considered a typical Bachelorette. We had t-shirts, cups, sunglasses, played a lingerie game, had a traditional bridal shower, drank a lot of champagne, and it was awesome.

A large chunk of our high school crew was there. We had a catering company prepare an incredible at home meal of tapas, and wine pairings.

We got dressed up the next morning and hung out with the older generation as the bride opened up kitchen appliances.

After the shower, the limo bus picked us up and we drank without care, stopping at various establishments and being a ridiculous mob in matching outfits.

We played games, went out, and I personally ate a regrettable amount of Skinny Pop.

We also reminisced, bonded, caught up with each other, were able to hear about people’s amazing work, chat about life, and I had the opportunity to just hang out and relax with people I am extremely comfortable with.

I got to go on a run with my friend who is a professional running coach!

Chat with my best Christina Aguilera Dance partner about what its like to have 3 kids!

Drink and have fun with a high school buds, lamenting those homecoming dates.

Hear how chill motherhood is from our notoriously chill friend!

Talk biz and drink brews with my DIY Boss friend, Bre, aka Febreeze!

Bust out dance moves that have been kept under wraps since middle school…

Be impressed and amazed by how the bride’s younger sisters put on the best weekend ever for their older sibling.

Meet and got to know other wonderful women who are in the bride’s life.

and Celebrate LAUREN!!!

While I personally don’t get super into some of the bachelorette traditions and am unfamiliar with the feeling of Pinspiration, the main goal of the revolution is love.

I came away from the weekend having even more love and respect for some of my longest friends. I am so proud of them and it was great catching up.

So the take away is – True Life: I went to a Bachelorette. I had a blast. Friends forever!

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